Introducing the Lodz Gestalt School Team:

The team of the Lodz Gestalt School – TEAM SUPERVISOR

Graham Colbourne

An experienced psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer at the Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute (GPTI), he has completed a degree in clinical supervision at the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute as well as Studies in Gestalt Psych otherapy and Postgraduate Studies in Youth and Community Work. He holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. He is a therapist affiliated with UKCP.

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The team of the Gestalt School of Lodz – COORDINATOR FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS

Lena Grigoryeva

Lena Grigoryeva is a certified Gestalt psychotherapist (Professional Training in Gestalt Therapy/ Moscow Gestalt Institute), supervisor (Italian Gestalt Institute), co-founder of Minsk Gestalt Institute ltd (Belarus)trainer, manager of international training programs, and author and trainer of the specialized training program “Sexual Diversity and Gender Identity: a Gestalt Approach”.

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Team of the Lodz Gestalt School – MERITORIAL CONSULTATION

Anika Wycislik-Wilson

I am a practicing Gestalt psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and EMDR therapist. I speak two languages, Polish and English, and practice in both. I am involved in both science and art, and I feel that both nourish me deeply. I have completed various trainings and experience life as a continuous process. I deepen my presence in different spheres of existence, which allows me to deal with quite a broad spectrum of problems that my clients bring.

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The team of the Lodz Gestalt School – TRENERS

Margaret Cynker – Senior Trainer

I have been working as a Gestalt psychotherapist since 2004, and I am certified by EAGT and EAP. I graduated from the Metanoia Institute in London. I am also a psychologist (graduated from the University of Lodz), psycho-oncologist (completed postgraduate studies at the Jagiellonian University) and trainer (Holistic School of Trainers).

Since 2009, I have lived in Lodz, where I run a private psychotherapy practice.

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Tomasz Ryłek – simultaneous interpreter

Tomasz Ryłek: Gestalt therapist working with adults and couples. Simultaneous English interpreter with over 18 years of experience. Father of two children. What fascinates me about Gestalt is the process of getting to know myself. Each contact is an opportunity to explore emotions and needs, enabling you to make more informed decisions in harmony with yourself.

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The following individuals are presented in alphabetical order.

Danusia Brzezicka

I obtained my Master’s degree in psychology at the University of Silesia in Katowice. I gained qualifications to conduct individual and group psychotherapy at the School of Group Coaches and Psychotherapists at the Institute of Integral Gestalt Psychotherapy in Krakow, Poland in 2009. I completed the school by gaining the EAGT certificate.

In addition to my overall training in psychotherapy, I have undergone a number of thematic trainings including. Postgraduate studies in clinical neuropsychology, working with the mentally ill, sexually abused children, aggression replacement training and family mediation.

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Monika Gendek

I delighted in the creative dimension of Gestalt philosophy and practice. Later in my research activities, I focused on the phenomenon of parentification, professional burnout and body image in the helping professions. I co-edited the Gestalt psychotherapy journal “Phenomenon.”

I have been working psychotherapeutically for more than a dozen years. I combine the aesthetics of Gestalt therapy with ecopsychology and deep ecology. I conduct workshops for people interested in integrating the psychotherapeutic process with work in nature. I am interested in the psychological phenomena of the late Anthropocene and the quality of contact with the “wild self.”

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Agata Haworeń

My name is Agata Haworeń. I am a psychologist, psychotherapist and educator by training. I finished my psychology studies at the Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

I then continued my education at the 4-year Institute for Integral Gestalt Psychotherapy in Krakow. I am EAGT certified.

I started my psychotherapy practice in 2014. Currently, I have been running my own office for 6 years.

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Krzysztof Kościółek

I am a supervisor, certified Gestalt psychotherapist, sexologist, group trainer, teacher of the psychotherapy profession, founder of the Spaces Psychotherapy Center.

I am certified by the European Association for Gestalt Therapy. I prepare future psychotherapists for the profession at the Lodz Gestalt School and the Gestalt Institute in Krakow.

I specialize in working with LGBTQ+/GSRD individuals, both those who have just discovered their identity (sexual, gender, relational or kinetic) and are having difficulty accepting it.

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Magdalena Nejman-Wieczorek

In 2005, I graduated from the School for Group Psychotherapists and Trainers at the Institute for Integral Gestalt Psychotherapy in Krakow, Poland, with which I still incidentally cooperate today. I am certified as an IIPG and EAGT therapist. I work as an individual and group psychotherapist.

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Dominika Plisiecka

I started working in the therapy field right after college. I trained in and was close to Process Oriented Psychology. I worked in this trend for four years. With Gestalt, I have been permanently involved since 2018. I conduct individual therapeutic processes for adults. I am a certified psychotherapist, in the process of EAGT certification.

I am a graduate of the University of Lodz, with a master’s degree in psychology with a specialization in occupational psychology and counseling and clinical psychology; I am certified as a Practitioner Coach – Noble Manhattan and IBD Business School; certified as a Trainer and Sales Examiner – VCC Foundation.

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Joanna Sawicz

I am a Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist (European Association for Gestalt Therapy) and a personal development coach. I graduated from the 4-year School for Trainers and Psychotherapists at the Gestalt Therapy Institute in Krakow in 2015.

I am also from January 2022. Certified Mindfulness Teacher by the Polish Mindfulness Institute in Warsaw. I teach Stress Reduction Courses based on MBSR Mindfulness.

As for higher education, I graduated from the University of Zielona Gora with a degree in Social Work Pedagogy in 2003. I have also been since 2009. Addiction Psychotherapy Specialist.

July 2022. I started the School of Supervisors in collaboration with Carmen Vazquez Bandin (Centrum de Terapia y Psychologia in Madrid).

Since 2004. I am associated with various forms and institutions in professional assistance to people.

Kamil Torczewski

I have been working with other people since 2001 – from didactics to coaching to psychotherapy. My search for my own therapeutic path led me, among others, to study at the Institute for Psychoeducation and Integral Development, the Provocare Institute, the Institute for Process Psychology and the Gestalt Institute – where I finally completed my holistic therapeutic training. This multi-year process culminated in EAGT and EAP(European Association for Gestalt Therapy and European Association for Psychotherapy) certifications.

Among my teachers who have had the greatest influence on my working style, I would like to mention people like Svein Johansen and Marten Bos (Gestalt), Noni Höfner (provocative style), Frans Meulmeester (GPO), Josef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea (Fighting Monkey), Michal Duda (Process Psychology).

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Tomasz Waleczko

I am a psychologist by education (University of Opole), I have also completed postgraduate studies in Psychological Counseling and Crisis Intervention at WSKZ, Marriage and Couples Therapy at WSKZ, Postgraduate Studies in Sociotherapy and Interpersonal Training at the Cracow Psychodynamic Center and Evaluation of Social Programs at Warsaw University.

At the Lodz Gestalt School, I am responsible for continuing education classes for students who are not psychologists.

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Anetta Wróblewska

I have been providing consultations, psychological diagnoses and various development activities since 2005. I graduated from SWPS in Warsaw, postgraduate studies at L. Koźmiński and a school of trainers recommended by the Polish Psychological Association.

I am a psychologist, a Gestalt psychotherapist after a comprehensive four-year psychotherapy training, and I am certified by EAGT.

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Team of the Lodz Gestalt School – MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION

Ewelina Paszkiewicz – Pietruczuk

I am a psychologist by training, and although I took my first steps in the Penitentiary, supporting prisoners in their daily difficulties, life has written me a different professional script.

At the Lodz Gestalt School, I am responsible for coordinating the work of coaches and administration, as well as collecting procedural knowledge related to the proper functioning of the School.

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Karolina Slifirska

Since 2003, I have been working in the field of adult development and education co-running KM Studio. I am a psychologist by education ( SWPS University in Warsaw) I also finished sociology and philosophy at the University of Lodz. I studied for two years at the School of Gestalt Psychotherapy in Warsaw. For most of my professional life I have worked as an interpersonal skills trainer and coach ( ICC Coach since 2011) Since 2018 I have been working individually with clients in psychological support. I receive clients in my own office ( adults and adolescents) and at the Center for Psychiatric and Psychological Assistance at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Medical University of Lodz ( adolescents aged 14 – 19 and families). I subject my work to regular supervision.

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Marcin Slifirski

I have been involved in the development and education of adults for over 20 years – working with clients in the areas of training and coaching. On a day-to-day basis, I manage a team at KM Studio – Training and am an active Trainer and Coach, working mainly in management-related areas.

I have the honor of opening and running a Gestalt school in Lodz, Poland.

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