Cooperation with the Lodz Gestalt School. We encourage you to get to know and be open to all the qualities offered by the companies working with us.

Cooperation and nurturing relationships are among our core values. The Lodz School of Gestalt Psychotherapy is the result of our constantly progressive development and curiosity about the world, but we try not to forget our roots, as well as we are aware of the inspiration and external help we can experience on a daily basis and for which we are extremely grateful. The effects we can present to you are the result of several Institutions and wonderful People who pushed us to establish the Lodz Gestalt School. We strongly encourage you to get to know and be open to all the qualities offered by the companies cooperating with the School.

Cooperation with KM Studio – we support people in their development efforts.

What does it take to achieve success?

Certainly knowledge and practical skills, but this is not enough. What else? Consciously manage your emotions, so that you listen carefully to others, sense new trends, dare to move forward. On top of that, a person needs charisma and commitment to their activities. But that’s not enough either, because one person’s passion is not enough to take on big challenges. What is still needed is the ability to “infect others with your energy” so that they act consciously, with integrity, and so that their goals coincide with those of the company. Then you can do something useful together.

KM Studio – Training has been on the market since 2004 and has gradually expanded its business profile to include group and individual training for business and public administration. It offers interpersonal courses (personal development, sales training and managerial courses) and IT courses (computer, databases, Internet, programming, systems administration, computer graphics).

Cooperation with the Psychological Studio at KM Studio – a new formula of meetings at KM Studio, aimed at private audiences.

In this space, we have prepared both individual sessions with our psychologists and psychotherapists, as well as group activities. Unlike training at KM Studio, the trainings and one-on-one sessions at the Psychological Studio are process-based, not based on a lesson plan, but on what happens within the group dynamics (or individual meeting).

Workshops are planned for a longer period of time (3 or 4 days, or dozens of hours) and designed so that participants have the opportunity to go deep inside, work on emotions, beliefs, habits of thinking and acting, work with the body rather than just touching the subject and get tools to work on themselves.

Therefore if you have a desire for personal development based on deep contact with another human being, if there is a desire in you to meet what is difficult, important, what calls for concern in you, if you like working on yourself based on the “here and now”, we invite you to embark on a journey into yourself in our company.

Psychological laboratory – forms of cooperation: