Coordinator for foreign affairs

Lena Grigoryeva | Lodz Gestalt School

Lena Grigoryeva is a certified Gestalt psychotherapist (Professional Training in Gestalt Therapy/ Moscow Gestalt Institute), supervisor (Italian Gestalt Institute), co-founder of Minsk Gestalt Institute ltd (Belarus), trainer, manager of international training programs, and author and trainer of the specialized training program “Sexual Diversity and Gender Identity: a Gestalt Approach.”

Lena Grigoryeva is president of the Belarusian National Public Association of Personality-Oriented Psychotherapists. Lena is also director of L-club| Center for Personal Development ltd (Belarus) and director of New Gestalt Voices in the UK. At the Lodz Gestalt School, Lena is responsible for substantive support of our projects, cooperation with foreign trainers and contact with EAGT paving the way for our accreditation.