School of Gestalt Psychotherapists – The School’s mission is to provide participants with comprehensive preparation for responsible and independent psychotherapeutic work. The Lodz Gestalt School offers comprehensive preparation both theoretically and practically in this area, in accordance with the guidelines of the European Association for Gestalt Psychotherapy(EAGT), to which it is subordinate. The education program, which lasts four years, is designed to meet the highest standards and requirements of EAGT. After completing the full educational process, the graduate has the opportunity to apply for EAGT(European Association for Gestalt Therapy) certification, which confirms his competence and skills in Gestalt therapy.

During the course, participants acquire not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills necessary for effective therapeutic work. The program focuses on developing awareness, communication skills and the ability to work with clients in the context of Gestalt therapy. As a result, graduates are prepared to work effectively and professionally in the field of Gestalt psychotherapy, meeting all professional and ethical standards.

School of Gestalt Psychotherapists – what should you know when choosing a Psychotherapy School?

  • What are the characteristics of a particular trend?
  • Are the assumptions of a particular trend in line with our beliefs, values?
  • What are the criteria for admission to a particular School?
  • Does the program meet the standards of the Association of a particular modality?
  • Does graduation from the School give full qualification to practice as a psychotherapist in a particular modality?
  • What is the credit and exam system like?
  • Does completing the full four-year training give you the opportunity to apply for certification from the Association under which the School of Psychotherapists falls?
  • What requirements must be met for future certification?

If you are interested in working in the Gestalt movement, on this page you will find answers to all the above questions. If you have others, we will be happy to answer them. We are available:

  • By phone: 575 591 555