PTPG - Polish Society for Gestalt Psychotherapy is a federation affiliated with EAGT, uniting psychotherapists working in the Gestalt movement.

About PTPG

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The PTPG, or Polish Society for Gestalt Psychotherapy, is a federation affiliated with the EAGT (European Association for Gestalt Psychotherapy), uniting psychotherapists working in the Gestalt trend, as well as those training in this modality. You do not need to be EAGT certified to obtain PTPG certification.

Full information about the Certificate is included on the PTPG website and under Certificate Requirements. Here are some of them:

The Certificate of Psychotherapist is an important document confirming clinical competence to conduct psychotherapy in a variety of settings and with a variety of even very demanding patients. Individuals with the aforementioned. The documents can provide psychotherapy in the institutions of the health care system, the educational system, or publicly funded entities. Psychotherapy is also provided, such as by foundations, associations, commercial companies and in private practice.

The Psychotherapist Certificate issued by the PTPG is an important document that helps when applying for a job or contract in public and non-public institutions as a certified psychotherapist (detailed information about the conditions for providing psychotherapy, including by those in training, is described in the regulation of the Ministry of Health).

Obtaining the Certificate of Psychotherapist issued by the PTPG is a confirmation of high standards of conducting psychotherapy in accordance with the principles of EAGT and the standards developed by the Polish Council of Psychotherapy. Psychotherapists certified by our Society have undergone training that meets the hourly requirements set forth in the aforementioned. Ministry of Health regulation and can provide psychotherapy under the National Health Fund.

Requirements for certification in PTPG:

  1. Have been a member of the PTPG Society for at least 4 months and adhere to the PTPG Code of Ethics.
  1. Completion of higher education, confirmed by a qualification from level VII of PRK (Polish Qualification Framework), i.e., receiving a diploma of completion of a single master’s degree or a second degree.
  2. Completion of 1450 hours of substantive and practical training including:
  • At least 600 hours of theory and methodology
  • At least 400 hours of clinical internship including:
    • at least 150 hours a student must serve in psychiatric wards or emergency rooms attached to a psychiatric unit
    • not more than 250 hours the student takes in medical entities, clinics, offices
  • 250 hours of self psychotherapy including:
    • At least 100 hours of individual therapy
    • no more than 150 hours of group therapy
  • 150 hours of supervision
  • 50 hours of workshops, seminars or conferences in the Gestalt convention
  • A case description of a psychotherapeutic process lasting at least a year that has been completed
  • Examination successfully completed

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Polish Society for Gestalt Psychotherapy

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