Kamila Biały Supervisor Lodz Gestalt School

A few words about Kamila White:

Kamila White is a certified Gestalt psychotherapist. She learned and continues to learn working with the group from Piotr Mierkowski, Peter Philippson and Billy Desmond.

She completed an EAGT-accredited two-year supervisor program at the Istituto di Gestalt in Italy and received training in psychopathology and field theory at the Turin School of Gestalt Psychopathology.

Kamila White – experience:

She is also a sociologist who works daily in the Department of Sociology of Art at the University of Lodz. He has been connecting the two areas for many years. She works with the Lodz Equality Factory, where she works with individuals and runs a support group for transgender and non-binary people. She co-founded the Humans of Gestalt project to archive the biographies of those influential in shaping the Gestalt approach, as well as the New Gestalt Voices project, which is a platform for promoting the voice of those less known in the community and emphasizing issues of power and social justice in society as well as in Gestalt clinical practice. He writes scientifically about the non-dichotomous perspective, including field theory, and its application in sociological sciences. He subjects his work to regular supervision and hypervigilance.