Karolina Slifirska Co-owner of ŁSG - I have been working in the field of adult development and education since 2003, co-running KM Studio.

Co-owner and Director of Lodz Gestalt School

Karolina Slifirska - Lodz Gestalt School | trainer's photo

Since 2003, I have been working in the field of adult development and education co-running KM Studio. I am a psychologist by education ( SWPS University in Warsaw) I also finished sociology and philosophy at the University of Lodz. I studied for two years at the School of Gestalt Psychotherapy in Warsaw. For most of my professional life I have worked as an interpersonal skills trainer and coach ( ICC Coach since 2011) Since 2018 I have been working individually with clients in psychological support. I receive clients in my own office ( adults and adolescents) and at the Center for Psychiatric and Psychological Assistance at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Medical University of Lodz ( adolescents aged 14 – 19 and families). I subject my work to regular supervision.

At the Lodz Gestalt School, I am responsible for developing and collaborating with the Team in the spirit of such values as: freedom, authenticity, openness to what experience brings, respect for the other person, humility in the face of the vastness of knowledge and skills that are there to be gained and deepened no matter how much heritage one already has. It is important to me to work with passion, but also not to lose sensitivity to others and myself.

Privately, I am a wife and mother of four children:, two daughters and two sons.

My passion has always been Man. I am fascinated by observing what contact with another person brings. I marvel at the qualities that form in relationships, and the incredible possibilities for growth that I observe in people regardless of their “starting point.”