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EAGT, or the European Association for Gestalt Psychotherapy, was founded in 1985 and aims to bring together individual therapists as well as training institutes and associations, aiming to promote Gestalt psychotherapy in Europe, exchange knowledge, raise professional standards for Gestalt Therapy and encourage scientific research.

EAGT operates with the help of 3 bodies:

  • Executive Committee
  • Main Board
  • Assemblies of Members

The governing documents of the EAGT are:

Additional information on obtaining the certificate:

The basis for obtaining the Certificate is attendance at classes, as well as meeting all requirements set by the EAGT Association. In addition, you must fill out the form available on the EAGT website and provide full documentation proving your participation in therapy, additional trainings, workshops, internships, etc. The certificate is valid for 5 years. To renew it, one must be a member of EAGT, as well as document participation in supervisions and scientific conferences or workshops for a minimum of 50 hours. For more information on the requirements, please visit: certification requirements on our website. Below are the requirements in brief:

  1. 600 hours of theory and methodology – an hour is considered 60 minutes
  2. 400 hours of clinical internship – an hour is considered 45 – 50 minutes
  3. 150 hours of supervision – an hour is considered 60 minutes
  4. 150 hours of group therapy – an hour is considered 60 minutes
  5. 100 hours of individual therapy – an hour is considered 45 – 50 minutes
  6. 50 hours of free choice – an hour is considered 60 minutes
  7. An additional requirement of the European Association for Gestalt Psychotherapy for those who are not psychologists or educators is to complete knowledge of 3 subjects. The school offers assistance in completing the knowledge of the psychology course in the subjects listed below at Stage II of the Training.
    • Developmental psychology (2 semesters)
    • Personality Theory (1 semester)
    • Psychopathology (1 semester)

Contact EAGT

The contact person at EAGT is:

Wilma Trip (office manager)

Skulebakken 22

3760 Neslandsvatn


Tel: +47 958 39 146

E-mail: [email protected]

E-mail 2: [email protected]

You can find EAGT registration forms here: