The infrastructure of the Gestalt School was designed with students in mind. The school provides comfortable, fully equipped classrooms as well as all teaching aids. The infrastructure of the Gestalt School includes not only training rooms, but also a library, a coffee buffet and the inspiring surroundings of the School – Piotrkowska Street, which impresses with its charm and rich history, attracting visitors with its picturesque character. Its unique atmosphere and diverse cultural offerings make it an inspiring place for students.

Training rooms

The headquarters of the Lodz Gestalt School is located at ul. Piotrkowska 125. The building has been adapted to meet all the needs of the School of Psychotherapy. The School has 6 training rooms, which are fully equipped with traditional as well as non-standard teaching aids. The training rooms are bright, quiet and spacious, which will make working in groups of 12 to 14 people more pleasant. The classes are held on mattresses.


The Lodz Gestalt School is equipped with a library, where Students will find many interesting books, articles or magazines on psychology and psychotherapy. There is also a reading corner in the library, which will allow our students to become preacquainted with literature. In our country, the library serves not only an educational and research function, but also a social and recreational one.

Coffee buffet

A spacious coffee buffet is available to students. This place allows our students to stop for a while, enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea and relax during breaks.


To meet the needs of our commuting students, we have included a list of our recommended hotels on our website, along with a list of places to see during your stay in Lodz. All information is included in the tab: “Hotels and attractions nearby”.

Parking and Access

Due to the fact that the School’s headquarters is located on the main street of Lodz (in this part of Piotrkowska Street is a pedestrian zone excluded from traffic), we have prepared a list of recommended parking lots and directions for our students. Information on this topic is included on the School’s website under the CONTACT tab under the names: “Parking” and “Access“.