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Group supervision

Group supervision is a process in which participants have the chance to reflect and discuss their experiences in clinical work with an experienced Supervisor. Supervision allows you to improve the professional skills you already have, but also to acquire new ones and to develop your individual working style. Supervision is a central process in the training of therapists, because it is based on the therapist’s own work, who has the chance to confront himself in a safe environment with the acceptance and support of the supervisor in the context of the difficulties in his relationship with the client.

How does group supervision work?

Group supervision usually takes the form of meetings in small groups. The psychotherapist presents to the supervisor and the group a situation emerging from the process of the client in question, which is analysed, discussed and reflected upon. The group shares observations and insights. There is also time to ask questions that allow the situation to be explored in more detail and hypotheses to be formed. This form of collaboration allows for a better understanding of the client’s needs and problems. The exchange of insights makes it possible to improve personal skills, but also to learn about the working styles of other psychotherapists. Everything takes place in the presence of an experienced supervisor, who oversees the super-visionary process in the group. The task of the supervisor is to create a space so that the participants in the group supervision look at their work with the client in a comfortable, safe environment.

Group supervision – aims:

  • To support participants’ professional development as Gestalt therapists
  • To develop one’s own working style and become familiar with the way other therapists work
  • Improving existing skills, but also acquiring new ones.
  • Reducing the risk of trial and error psychotherapy
  • Clarifying transference issues
  • Releasing anxiety, emotions and discussing insights
  • Therapist’s in-depth work on his/her own difficulties, which come to light when dealing with a particular client or subject brought in by him/her
  • Learning to take responsibility

Group supervision

Deadline:07.03.2024r. - 12.12.2024r.

Leader:Joanna Sawicz

Gestalt group supervision with Joanna Sawicz – Łódź Gestalt School invites you to participate in the supervision group. The group is dedicated especially for young therapists and therapists undergoing psychotherapeutic training. We also welcome...

Group supervision

Deadline:19.09.2024r. - 11.06.2025r.

Leader:Joanna Sawicz

Gestalt group supervision with Joanna Sawicz – Lodz Gestalt School invites you to participate in a supervision group. The group is dedicated especially to young trainee psychotherapists and psychotherapists undergoing psychotherapy training. We also...