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Gestalt events

Supplementary classes in psychology

Deadline:13.01.2024r. - 30.06.2024r.

Leader:Tomasz Waleczko

Supplemental classes in psychology, according to EAGT standards, are required for all Gestalt School Students who do not have a degree in psychology or pedagogy. Those who do not have a degree in the...

Group supervision

Deadline:07.03.2024r. - 12.12.2024r.

Leader:Joanna Sawicz

Gestalt group supervision with Joanna Sawicz – Łódź Gestalt School invites you to participate in the supervision group. The group is dedicated especially for young therapists and therapists undergoing psychotherapeutic training. We also welcome...

Gestalt workshops

Deadline:19.04.2024r. - 21.04.2024r.

Leader:Graham Colbourne

Gestalt workshop: Working with complex trauma – Graham Colbourne: “In this workshop I am offering support in developing effective practice for experienced psychotherapists working with clients who have grown up in family situations where...

Gestalt workshops

Deadline:28.04.2024r. - 12.11.2024r.

Leader:Marten Bos

Workshop series: constructing life stories in the Gestalt approach – Marten Bos We are pleased to invite colleagues from Belarus and Ukraine who had to leave their practices and homes in their native countries...

Gestalt workshops

Deadline:24.05.2024r. - 25.05.2024r.

Leader:Jacek Panster

Gestalt Workshop: MOVE TO CON/TACT. Kinesthetic sense of self in gestalt therapy – Jacek Panster. “Everywhere in the world, self begins with the body.” – Roy Baumeister “I move, therefore I am.” – Haruki...

Gestalt webinars

Deadline:12.06.2024r. - 12.06.2024r.

Leader:Łódzka Szkoła Gestalt

Dzień otwarty w Łódzkiej Szkole Psychoterapii Gestalt – spotkanie online! Serdecznie zapraszamy wszystkich zainteresowanych na wyjątkowe wydarzenie – nasz Dzień Otwarty online w Łódzkiej Szkole Psychoterapii Gestalt, który odbędzie się 12 czerwca 2024 roku....

Gestalt workshops

Deadline:22.06.2024r. - 23.06.2024r.

Leader:Rafael Cortina

Gestalt workshop: Understanding trauma and addiction in a relational Gestalt approach – Rafael Cortina Traumatic childhood and life events shape the way individuals view themselves and the world, which directly affects relationships, self-perception, coping...

Gestalt workshops

Deadline:06.07.2024r. - 07.07.2024r.

Leader:Krzysztof Kościółek, Michał Kupis

Gestalt workshop: psychological help for LGBTQ+ people with Krzysztof Kościółek and Michal Kupis! Workshop Description: We are born and live in a world that makes us assimilate that heteronorm is the natural and only...

Gestalt workshops

Deadline:20.07.2024r. - 21.07.2024r.

Leader:Anika Wycislik-Wilson

Gestalt workshop: working with the body in the Gestalt approach – Anika Wycislik-Wilson “When you call me close to tell me your body is not beautiful I want to summon the eyes and hidden...

Gestalt workshops

Deadline:17.08.2024r. - 18.08.2024r.

Leader:Krzysztof Kościółek, Michał Kupis

Gestalt workshop: working with transgender and non-binary adolescents – Krzysztof Kościółek and Michal Kupis Workshop Description: We are born into a world that imposes labels on us from the moment we come into the...

Gestalt workshops

Deadline:24.08.2024r. - 25.08.2024r.

Leader:Lena Grigoryeva

Gestalt Workshop: Dignity as a Healing Tool in a Relational Approach – The Power of Power: The workshop Gestalt: Dignity as a Healing Tool in a Relational Approach offers an exploration of issues of...

Workshops for therapists/psychologists

Deadline:07.09.2024r. - 07.09.2024r.

Leader:Michał Kupis

Inclusivity in dealing with transgender and non-binary people: basic issues – workshop with psychologist Michal Kupis Workshop Description: The training will be introductory and will cover basic concepts related to transgenderism. It is dedicated...

Group supervision

Deadline:19.09.2024r. - 11.06.2025r.

Leader:Joanna Sawicz

Gestalt group supervision with Joanna Sawicz – Lodz Gestalt School invites you to participate in a supervision group. The group is dedicated especially to young trainee psychotherapists and psychotherapists undergoing psychotherapy training. We also...

Gestalt workshops

Deadline:15.10.2024r. - 16.10.2024r.

Leader:Peter Philippson

Therapeutic work with the theme of aggression – Peter Philippson’s workshop organised in cooperation with the Lodz Gestalt School Nowadays, with wars all over the region, we are witnessing huge levels of aggression among...

Gestalt workshops

Deadline:17.10.2024r. - 18.10.2024r.

Leader:Peter Philippson

Aggression: passive, active, creative, destructive. How do you work with the client and with yourself? – Lodz Gestalt School invites you to Peter Philippson’s workshop Human beings are the most aggressive species the world...