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Workshops for therapists/psychologists

Workshops for therapists/psychologists at the Lodz Gestalt School

Below we present workshops for Therapists / Psychotherapists / Psychologists which are not related to the Gestalt trend – the proposed workshops are not included in the “free choice” form and serve only as a general development in the profession of Therapist / Psychotherapist / Psychologist.

Workshops for therapists/psychologists – objectives

Workshops for therapists, psychotherapists and psychologists provide an invaluable opportunity for professional development. Although unrelated to the Gestalt stream, these dedicated classes offer valuable tools and knowledge to broaden competence in therapeutic work. Through interactive sessions, participants acquire new skills, improve communication techniques and deepen their understanding of psychotherapeutic processes. The workshop is focused on developing therapeutic skills, broadening perspectives and providing the opportunity to share experiences with other professionals. It is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the bonds of the therapeutic community and continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of professional work.

Workshops for therapists/psychologists

Deadline:07.09.2024r. - 07.09.2024r.

Leader:Michał Kupis

Inclusivity in dealing with transgender and non-binary people: basic issues – workshop with psychologist Michal Kupis Workshop Description: The training will be introductory and will cover basic concepts related to transgenderism. It is dedicated...