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Gestalt workshops

Below are the Gestalt workshops we encourage you to consider when looking for Gestalt development classes in the “free choice” form.

Gestalt workshops

Deadline:01.03.2024r. - 03.03.2024r.

Leader:Małgorzata Cynker

Gestalt Workshop: Working with Loss and Grief – Event Description: “Nevertheless, the matter of death really itches us. It itches all the time, it’s always with us, scratching at some internal door, emitting murmurs,...

Gestalt workshops

Deadline:19.04.2024r. - 21.04.2024r.

Leader:Graham Colbourne

Gestalt workshop: Working with complex trauma – Graham Colbourne: “In this workshop I am offering support in developing effective practice for experienced psychotherapists working with clients who have grown up in family situations where...