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Gestalt Conferences

Gestalt Conferences are cyclical meetings for gestalt practitioners from other countries held at the Lodz School of Gestalt – Piotrkowska 125 in Lodz.Dear fellow gestalt practitioners in Poland, we are pleased to invite you to professional networking meetings held in Lodz. The official languages of the festival are: Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian.

Why is it worth taking part?

Networking is fun, the joy of contact; you will enjoy meeting other people! Intercultural communication in a gestalt space is something unique, personally and professionally enriching! Sharing information about the personal and professional support resources available will feed you with tasty gestalt food! The conference is an intensive way to get to know the gestalt community “here and now” in Poland.

Gestalt Conferences

Deadline:16.03.2024r. - 23.03.2024r.

Leader:Łódzka Szkoła Gestalt

International Online Gestalt Conference: Re-Starting, Re-Thinking, Re-Connecting. Rooting in life – 16 and 23 March 2024 – Lodz Gestalt School and New Gestalt Voices are pleased to invite you to the event. International Online...