Anetta Wróblewska - Lodz Gestalt School | photo of the trainer

Since 2005. I provide consultations, psychological diagnoses and various development activities. I graduated from the Warsaw School of Social Psychology, postgraduate studies at the L. Koźmiński, a school of coaches recommended by the Polish Psychological Association, and I am certified by the International Coaching Community.

I am a psychologist, a Gestalt psychotherapist after a comprehensive four-year psychotherapy training, and I am EAGT certified.

I provide psychotherapy for adults and couples:

  • Those wishing to make significant changes in their lives,
  • experiencing various crises, losses, lack of satisfaction and difficulties,
  • suffering the consequences of being under stress and pressure,
  • experiencing depression and anxiety,
  • being DDA/DDD,
  • LGBTQIA people.

I understand psychotherapy as a process of unlocking natural healing, regaining balance and self-regulation. This is done by supporting the client person in developing an awareness of who she is, how she co-creates relationships, what belongs to her, what comes from the world and how it affects her.

In life, it is important for me to act in harmony with myself, make informed choices and respect the other person. He implements these values in his professional life by recognizing the fullness of the client person’s experience and emotions, and being sensitive to his needs and abilities.