Monika Gendek | Lodz Gestalt School | small photo

Working in the area of deep encounter with myself and others called out to me many years ago. Curiosity about the invisible, the intuitive, subject to alchemical transformation through contact, led me along a spiral path to study psychology and psychotherapy. I delighted in the creative dimension of Gestalt philosophy and practice. Later in my research activities, I focused on the phenomenon of parentification, professional burnout and body image in the helping professions. I co-edited the Gestalt psychotherapy journal “Phenomenon.”
I have been working psychotherapeutically for more than a dozen years. I combine the aesthetics of Gestalt therapy with ecopsychology and deep ecology. I conduct workshops for people interested in integrating the psychotherapeutic process with work in nature. I am interested in the psychological phenomena of the late Anthropocene and the quality of contact with the “wild self.”
I co-create original projects-vessels for collective maturation and practice of conscious femininity. I participate in community projects related to climate activism and supporting the culture of therapy in building practices for health. I conduct superintendent meetings for people from different therapeutic modalities. My intention is an embodied practice where the deeply healing quality is an engaged presence.