Tomasz Waleczko - Lodz Gestalt School | trainer's photo

I am a psychologist by education (University of Opole), I have also completed postgraduate studies in Psychological Counseling and Crisis Intervention at WSKZ, Marriage and Couples Therapy at WSKZ, Postgraduate Studies in Sociotherapy and Interpersonal Training at the Cracow Psychodynamic Center and Evaluation of Social Programs at Warsaw University.

I am a graduate and for many years I was a trainer at the School of Trainers and Business Consultants of the Psychological Workshop of Elizabeth Soltys and at the Academy of Interpersonal Training of the same Workshop.

I am certified as a Level II Interpersonal Training Coach by the Polish Psychological Association and a Braincore Master Trainer.

I am a psychotherapist in training at the 4.5-year School of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy of the Krakow Psychodynamic Center.

I currently teach at SWPS University in Wroclaw, as well as training, coaching and evaluation research at my own Witelon Institute. I do crisis intervention, support and evaluation research at the Mental Health Helpline, and I’m a specialist for the Mental Health Helpline. R&D in the area of educational support by AI in Brainelem.

Training-wise I work with Cultural Institutions, NGOs, Education, Business and Students. The main areas are communication, stress management, teamwork, interpersonal and personal skills development.

I provide individual therapy with people in crisis, with relationship difficulties, lowered self-esteem, affective disorders and personality disorders.

At the Lodz Gestalt School, I am responsible for continuing education classes for students who are not psychologists.

What is close to my life? It is difficult to separate your philosophy of working with people from your approach to life. In any case, the values are similar. What is important to me in my work is a partnership approach, not even in the communication layer alone, but also in the engagement, mutual curiosity, discovering oneself and the other person, giving the right to diversity. In life, I take care to guide myself in life so as to create beautiful relationships, expand opportunities, discover and delight in the world, people.