Lodz is an extremely charming city, full of interesting places to visit while attending the Lodz Gestalt School.

Lodz is an extremely charming city, full of interesting places to visit while attending the Lodz School of Gestalt Psychotherapy. It is the capital of the region and Polish film, a city full of industrial and cultural traditions. We will try to introduce you to a few places, starting our journey around Lodz with the longest promenade in Poland – Piotrkowska Street, where the School is also located.

Walking along Piotrkowska Street, it is worth noting the renovated courtyards. One of the courtyards is home to OFF Piotrkowska, a place that CNN TV called “the coolest neighborhood in Europe” in 2018. The Passage of Roses or Birth of a Day are also worth seeing. The Avenue of the Stars, which refers to the film heritage, is also an interesting place.

There are several Palaces just a few hundred meters from the School’s Headquarters, including:

  • Israel Poznański Palace – its neo-Baroque style is characterized by two domes that once housed a ballroom and a dining room.
  • Robert Schweikert Palace – it now houses the European Institute. It houses Lodz’s largest non-sacred stained glass window and a unique face of Hermes.
  • Scheibler Palace – the most interesting rooms of the palace include an oak room with a hidden passage for servants, a neo-Mannerist dining room, a smoking room or a ballroom.
  • Juliusz Henzel Palace – the building is listed in the register of monuments and is now the headquarters of the City of Lodz and the Provincial Office.

At an equally short distance, there are:

  • Museum of Cinematography – where you can see posters, films, equipment, parts of set design and all memorabilia related to cinematography.
  • Księży Młyn – formerly the largest textile factory complex in Lodz. Today, a place that hosts many cultural events, fashion shows or festivals.
  • Palm House – houses approx. 4300 plants and several species of animals.
  • Lodz Botanical Garden – is one of the largest in Poland. It is divided into 9 zones, where you can see approx. 5400 plant species

Just 3 km from the School is the Manufaktura, which is Europe’s largest entertainment and shopping center. It was built in 2006 on the site of the former Israel Poznański factory. It was at the Izrael Poznanski factory that a film based on Reymont’s novel “Promised Land” was once made.

These are not all the places and monuments that are worth seeing while in Lodz, but we hope that at least in part, through them, we have brought the history of this city closer.

Lodz – Interesting facts

  • In 1898, the first electric tramway network in Poland was established in Lodz and is among the largest on the continent.
  • The Jewish Cemetery in Lodz is the largest Jewish cemetery in Europe and covers an area of 42 hectares.
  • Lodz is home to Poland’s only Museum of Cinematography.
  • Lodz’s Lagiewnicki Forest is the largest urban forest complex in Europe.
  • Director Jan Machulski was born and lived in Lodz.
  • Lodz, following the model of Hollywood, has its own Avenue of the Stars. It is located on Piotrkowska Street, and was created on the initiative of Jan Machulski.
  • On one of Lodz’s townhouses on ul. At 152 Piotrkowska Street, you can see the world’s largest graffiti, which in 2011. made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.