Krzysztof Kościółek - Lodz Gestalt School | trainer's photo

My name is Krzysztof Kościółek. I am a supervisor, certified Gestalt psychotherapist, sexologist, group trainer, teacher of the profession of psychotherapy. I am the founder of the Spaces Psychotherapy Center.

I am certified by the European Association for Gestalt Therapy. I prepare future psychotherapists for the profession at the Lodz Gestalt School and the Gestalt Institute in Krakow.

I specialize in working with LGBTQ+/GSRD individuals, both those who have just discovered their identity (sexual, gender, relational or kinetic) and are having difficulty accepting it. As well as those who are experiencing problems in relationships or the sexual sphere. I work with transgender and non-binary people experiencing rejection from family and friends or facing other problems that require psychotherapy. I take a respectful approach to the free expression of gender, sexual and relational diversity.

For me, the therapeutic relationship is a space where individuals (regardless of their: problems, orientation, religion, beliefs, race and color) can count on respect and understanding. Not only for the problems they come with, but especially for themselves as human beings.