Psychology course - docent for students who are not psychologists, taught by D. Brzezicka, MA, and T. Waleczko, MA.

Psychology course – docent is a supplemental education class for students who are not psychologists

A psychology-doc course, according to EAGT standards, is required for non-psychologists. People without a background in psychology or pedagogy can be students at the School of Gestalt Psychotherapy, but they need to supplement their knowledge with three academic subjects in psychology during their studies.

They are:

  • Developmental psychology (2 semesters in length),
  • Psychopathology (for 1 semester) and
  • Theories of personality (at 1 semester).

The Lodz Gestalt School assists in the realization of the above activities by organizing them in the form of additional assemblies during the course of the school – four additional weekends (Saturday – Sunday) outside the school’s assembly schedule, at an additional cost. The psychology course will take place in an online format and will be taught by Slawomir Prusakowski, M.A., and Tomasz Waleczko, M.A. – psychologists, Level II trainers of the Polish Psychological Association, employees of SWPS University who are qualified to teach academics.