Getting to Lodz Gestalt School: we realize that many Students will have to travel a long way to reach us. Therefore, in order to make it as easy as possible for you to get to the School, below are our travel suggestions.

From midnight

There are 3 roads leading to us from the northnational road 72 (through Aleksandrów Łódzki, Limanowskiego street to Zachodnia street), national road 91 (through Zgierz, Zgierska street to Zachodnia street) and national road 14 (through Stryków, Uniwersytecka street, Jaracza street to Zachodnia street).

From the west

From the west, the easiest way to reach the School is by provincial road No. 710 (through Konstantynów Łódzki, passing the Botanical Garden, turn into Krzemieniecka Street, Mickiewicz Avenue, Żeromskiego Street to Zamenhofa Street).

From the south

From the south, it is best to take the route Lodz Górna, that is, the national road 91 (through Starowa Gora, using the detour of the strict center, to Mickiewicza Avenue, along Żeromskiego Street to Zamenhofa Street).

From the east

And from the east, the national road 72 (through Brzeziny, Brzezinska Street, University Street, Jaracz Street to Zachodnia Street).

We would also like to remind you that the part of Piotrkowska Street, where the School’s walls are located, as a pedestrian zone is closed to traffic, and breaking the ban may result in a fine. Due to Lodz’s ongoing road upgrades and renovations, we recommend caution and careful reading of detour signs.

Getting to the Lodz Gestalt School by train

Participants commuting by train are encouraged to use the station Łódź Fabryczna – not only because of the typical Lodz eclecticism of the new station, which for many visitors who appreciate architecture can be a nice attraction in itself – primarily because it is located just less than two kilometers From the walls of the School.

Getting to the Lodz Gestalt School by public transportation

On the way from the station, you can take advantage of public transportation – using, among other things. From bus line number 57, getting on at the stop Dw. Lodz Fabryczna (2167) and getting off at the Sienkiewicza – Roosevelta stop (4 stations) – arriving in less than 20 minutes, or take a walk, along the way visiting part of the famous Piotrkowska Street, which in turn should not take you more than half an hour.