• Topic:How do we tell the stories of our lives? Therapeutic construction of narratives - therapeutic work in the Gestalt approach
  • Leader:Marten Bos
  • Organizer:Łódzka Szkoła Gestalt
  • Deadline:28 April 2024 00:00 - 12 November 2024 00:00
  • Workshop days:Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
  • Number of hours:each meeting is 20 training hours
  • Place:Headquarters of the Lodz Gestalt School, ul. 125 Piotrkowska St., Lodz
  • Price:2700 zł
  • Payment:900 zloty/meeting - First installment payable within 7 days of submitting the form. Another 2 installments payable by 14 days before meetings in September and November 2024. (Payment to bank account number or via PayPayl account - Details in event content)
  • Language:English
  • Translation:Simultaneous translation into Russian
  • For whom:For psychotherapists and psychotherapists in training
  • Group:min 8/max 18

Workshop series: constructing life stories in the Gestalt approach – Marten Bos

We are pleased to invite you to learn new version of efficient therapeutic tool in Gestalt practice based on the construction of stories about one’s own life. This is a unique working method created by Marten Bos, within the years of his international teaching and practice, it includes the technique of so-called the “Diversity Cards”.

Quite many years ago, Marten Bos got inspired by the theory of intersectionality and became curious about how we, as therapists, can support a person using a client’s life story in an equal and inclusive way. The method is based on awareness of how to support the strenght of our diversity, our unique resource of energy in life. Marten noted that we share our life stories in very different ways, but not every story takes up the same amount of space.

Marten has developed his version of discovering the uniqueness of each person – through telling life stories, supporting the process of self-discovery with diversity cards. He views all fields of life through the lens of our life stories and our perception of it.

The “Diversity Cards” is a kind of the metaphorical cards supporting a person in his/her exploration in therapy, supervision, teaching. The set of diversity cards consists of 9 A3 size cards (8 represent the themes most often mentioned in defining ourselves on the different and interrelated layers of our identity, 1 is blank). Marten will share the theory and teach how to use it in practice.

These methods are very effective in working with topics such as relationships, any crises, including those related to passing developmental thresholds in life, trauma, and anything driven by the need to adjust creatively to a new environment.

The workshop is based on field theory.

  • 28.04-30.04 Intersectionality theory: Gestalt approach
  • 16.09-18.09 Working with life narrative creation as a therapeutic tool
  • 10.11-12.11 Using the Diversity Cards in therapeutic practice

Marten Bos teaches his method worldwide at Gestalt institutes in the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Finland, Poland.

Closed Group. By filling out the form, you declare your attendance at the full cycle and the fee of each meeting (regardless of attendance – divided into installments of PLN 900 each).

Workshop series: constructing life stories in Gestalt approach – about the presenter:

Marten Bos, therapist and supervisor of EAGT, trainer of the Dutch Gestalt Institute (NSG).


Cost of participation: PLN 900/meeting. The first installment is payable within 7 days after the form is sent. Another 2 installments payable by 14 days before meetings in September and November 2024.

  • Payment via PayPal here: https://paypal.me/lodzkaszkolagestalt?country.x=PL&locale.x=pl_PL
  • Or to a current account: 63 2490 0005 0000 4500 7551 4132 AliorBank, Swift ALBPPLPW, IBAN 63 2490 0005 0000 4500 7551 4132 (KM Studio, Marcin Ślifirski).
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