Gestalt workshop: working with the body: moving for life. Learn the power of contact and discover the fullness of life through contact, movement and embodiment.

Workshop topic: MOVING FOR LIFE - LIVING IN TOUCH. Embodied presence in Gestalt.
24 January 2025 09:00 - 26 January 2025 13:00
Headquarters of the Lodz Gestalt School, ul. 125 Piotrkowska St., Lodz
Workshop days:
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
1000 zł
For whom:
The workshop is addressed to therapists_women, counsellors_women, coaches_women, trainers_women and students_women (from 2nd year of training) of Gestalt and humanistic-experiential approaches.
Number of hours:
20 training hours
min 8/max 16
Free choice:
Event description:

Gestalt workshop: working with the body: I MOVE FOR LIFE – LIFE IN TOUCH. Embodied presence in Gestalt. A few words from Asia Sawicz:

In our bodies, even when we are lying inert, the breath is constantly moving within us, the pulsating blood reaches, by means of the contracting heart, to the remotest places, lymph travels in the tissues, and the gentle movements of the digestive system signal the digestion process.

Only by living do we experience movement.

What nourishes us, soothes us, regulates us is the experience of contact. Since the beginning of our existence, we have existed in a relationship. We learn that we exist in contact with the Other. It is another person who touches us, sees us, hears us, reacts. We see ourselves, we feel ourselves in border contact. I perceive myself, through you, you perceive yourself through me. There is an exchange between us, a fluctuation, alive and feeding both of us. We need the Other to grow. Through the embodied presence we grow, we live.

I invite you to a workshop where we will build and deepen contact with each other and among ourselves.

I myself have recently been experiencing myself as a human tool that I have built from many experiences, those humanly ordinary as well as professional. In recent years, the practice of Gestalt therapy has expanded to include mindfulness practice and BodyMind Gestalt therapy created by Arye Bursztyn.


Gestalt Workshop: Working with the Body: MOVING FOR LIFE – Leader:

The greatest value for me is human life and its quality. I am honored when the Other Man lets me into his world and I can accompany him in looking at different aspects of it and what appears in the co-creative field. It is a fascinating process in which I am curious to see how contact with the Other affects me as well.In the process I am attentive to how we can be together, Here and Now, while respecting each other’s distinctiveness and diversity.

I enjoy reading books, connecting with nature in its smells, sounds and colors. I like to stay in silence and meditate. Privately, I have a daughter – a teenager – and a dog.

Joanna Sawicz experience:

I am a Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist (European Association for Gestalt Therapy) and a personal development coach. I graduated from the 4-year School for Trainers and Psychotherapists at the Gestalt Therapy Institute in Krakow in 2015. I am also from January 2022. Certified Mindfulness Teacher by the Polish Mindfulness Institute in Warsaw. I teach Stress Reduction Courses based on MBSR Mindfulness.

As for higher education, I graduated from the University of Zielona Gora with a degree in Social Work Pedagogy in 2003. I have also been since 2009. Addiction Psychotherapy Specialist. July 2022. I started the School of Supervisors in collaboration with Carmen Vazquez Bandin(Centro de Terapia y Psicologia in Madrid).

Since 2004. Joanna Sawicz is associated with various forms and institutions in professional assistance to people. She has been working as a gestaltist since 2012. Its clients are adults and adolescents. Taking care of the high quality of her work, Joanna Sawicz participates in constant supervision.

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