Peter Philippson has worked as a psychotherapist for 36 years. He is a trainer, supervisor, teacher and founder of several Gestalt institutions.

A few words about Peter Philippson:

Peter Philippson holds a master’s degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy and is a UKCP-certified Gestalt psychotherapist and trainer. As a trainer, member and supervisor, he works at the Gestalt Psychotherapy & Training Institute UK. He is also a founder and contributor to the Manchester Gestalt Center and IG-FEST. He is also affiliated with the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy. As a senior trainer, he works at GITA (Slovenia), while as an activist in the IpsiG (Turin) division, the advisory board of the Center for Somatic Studies and as a guest trainer for many training programs around the world.

Peter Philippson – experience:

Peter has worked as a psychotherapist for 36 years. He is a former president of the International Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy. Peter is the author of Self in Relation, pub. Gestalt Journal Press, “The Emergent Self,” ed. Karnac/UKCP, “Gestalt Therapy: Roots and Branches” pub. Karnac and “The ‘Active Principle’ in Gestalt Therapy and Other Essays” and many other chapters and articles.

He is a teacher (4th dan) and student of traditional Aikido. His books combine his more than 30 years of experience as a Gestalt psychotherapist, his philosophical studies, Aikido, and his interest in modern science, especially neuroscience. He draws on his extensive knowledge of chaos theory, quantum mechanics, mathematics, Zen Buddhism and Gestalt psychotherapy theory to expertly introduce readers to the concept of the self as an emergent process.