Workshops for psychotherapists play a key role in the professional and personal development of therapists. Here are some of the main benefits they can bring:

  • Expanding Education: Workshops offer the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of new therapeutic techniques, methods and approaches. This allows therapists to continually expand their skills and awareness, which is essential in a dynamic therapeutic environment.
  • Practical Skills Development: Workshops for psychotherapists often include hands-on exercises, therapeutic simulations and case studies that allow therapists to practically apply new techniques and skills in a controlled environment. This enables them to better understand and master therapeutic practice.
  • Community Support: Participation in workshops gives therapists the opportunity to network and share experiences with other psychotherapy professionals. Creating support networks can be very valuable, both for professional and personal development.
  • Self-development: Workshops also often focus on therapists’ personal development, helping them explore their own emotional processes, beliefs and behavioral patterns. This is a key element in building empathy, the capacity for compassion and an effective therapeutic relationship.
  • Knowledge Update: The world of psychotherapy is constantly evolving, with new research, theories and techniques emerging. Workshops allow therapists to stay abreast of the latest trends and discoveries in the field of psychotherapy, allowing them to better serve their clients.

In conclusion, workshops for psychotherapists are not only an excellent opportunity for professional development, but also provide an important element of support for therapists in their personal emotional development.

A workshop for psychotherapists at the Lodz Gestalt School:

We would like to introduce you to a selection of therapeutic workshops organized in 2024 by our School’s team in cooperation with excellent gestaltists from around the world:

  1. Gestalt Workshop: Working with Loss and Bereavement – Margaret Cynker: This workshop enables therapists to explore the topics of loss and bereavement, which can prove crucial when working with clients experiencing difficult life transitions. Through practical exercises and reflection on their own fears of death, participants will be able to better understand and support their clients in the grieving process.
  2. Gestalt in working with crisis and trauma – Tara Konrad, Larysa Didkovska, Lyudmila Batalina, Lena Grigorieva: This workshop series provides practical tools and strategies for therapists working with people experiencing trauma and crisis. It is led by practical women with stories from the front line of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The program is also unique for those outside Ukraine, providing a unique opportunity to learn from female experts who have gained their knowledge and skills through personal trauma experiences. But above all, it will also be an extraordinary opportunity to interact with experienced people.
  3. Gestalt Workshop: Working with Complex Trauma – Graham Colbourne: This workshop focuses on working with clients experiencing complex forms of trauma, such as violence, neglect or insecurity. For experienced therapists, this is an excellent opportunity to develop their skills and therapeutic strategies in the area of trauma work.
  4. Gestalt Workshop: Therapeutic Work with the Theme of Aggression – Peter Philippson: This course focuses on exploring the theme of aggression and its various forms. The essence of the workshop is the study of aggression, both active and passive, creative and destructive. Through theoretical lectures, practical exercises and experiments, participants will be able to better understand the mechanisms of aggression, both individual and cultural (especially present in Poland), and learn effective strategies for working with their own aggression as well as that of clients.

In addition to workshops for psychotherapists, the Lodz Gestalt School also offers developmental classes such as:

also conducted by certified specialists.

All this and much more information can be found in our“Gestalt Events” tab.