New dates for interviews at the Lodz Gestalt School: 22.05.2024, 5.06.2024, 19.06.2024 | Welcome to Stage II of the training!

New interview dates at the Lodz Gestalt School – Why become a Gestalt psychotherapist?

  • Gestalt = holistic approach: Gestalt therapy is based on a holistic approach to humans, treating them as a whole consisting of body, mind, emotions and spirit. Working as a Gestalt psychotherapist, he helps people understand themselves as a whole, integrating different aspects of life.
  • Gestalt = here and now: Gestalt therapy focuses on the present moment, on what is happening now, as opposed to analyzing the past or planning for the future. This helps clients experience their thoughts, emotions and behaviors more consciously in the present, which can lead to deeper changes.
  • Gestalt = empathy and authenticity: Gestalt practice encourages therapists to be authentic and empathetic in their relationship with clients, which can be very rewarding and relationship-building.
  • Gestalt = creative work and experimentation: Gestalt therapy uses many creative techniques and experiments so as to help clients understand themselves and their problems in new ways. For those with a penchant for creative approaches in therapeutic work, this can be particularly rewarding.
  • Gestalt = self-development: Working as a Gestalt therapist can not only be a rewarding profession, but also an opportunity for personal growth. Through working with clients and their own experiences in therapy, it is possible to deepen self-awareness, empathy and interpersonal skills.

New dates for interviews at the Lodz Gestalt School:

  • 22.05.2024
  • 5.05.2024
  • 19.06.2024

Interviews are an integral part of the recruitment process for Stage II of the Lodz Gestalt School. They mainly serve to learn about the candidates’ motivations, expectations and competencies, and to ensure that our educational program meets their needs and goals. Through this process, we can guarantee high quality teaching and build a close-knit team of students ready for intensive and fruitful study in the field of Gestalt psychotherapy.