Recruitment for Stage II of the Gestalt School is now open! Start: 28.09 - 01.10.2023! Applications are accepted using the form - Lodz Gestalt School.

We are pleased to announce that recruitment for Stage II of the Lodz Gestalt School – School Stage officially begins. Due to emerging questions about the launch of recruitment for Stage II of the School, we have decided to meet you and, in parallel with the recruitment for the Development Year, launch the 1st edition of recruitment for the further stage of education at the Lodz Gestalt School.

Recruitment for Stage II of the Gestalt School – general information:

Stage II – School Stage consists of 30 assemblies, lasts 3 school years (detailed programs: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3) and can be entered by people with documented completion of Stage I at any Gestalt modality school. The first classes will be held on the weekend of 28.09-1.10.2023 and will begin with a four-day interpersonal training with elements of psychoeducation and integration. The Stage II program includes supervisions, psychological training and other development activities as required by EAGT. The main goal of Stage II is to prepare for work as a Gestalt psychotherapist by, among other things, increasing Students’ self-awareness, working with dreams, working with the body, learning in-depth about the history and roots of Gestalt, learning diagnosis in Gestalt terms, and much more.

To learn about the cost, exact requirements and other information necessary to apply for your candidacy, please visit the School Recruitment Stage II – School tab.

We invite you to learn about the detailed program of Stage II – School, to enroll via the application form and to follow the Lodz Gestalt School’s fanpage on Facebook, where we post the latest news about workshops, webinars and other development activities in the Gestalt stream.