Psychology course - complementary classes at the Lodz Gestalt School

Supplementary classes in psychology – who are they aimed at?

Follow-up classes in psychology are aimed at people who are in Gestalt training. Completing the knowledge of the subjects listed above is one of the requirements of the EAGT Association to become a Gestalt psychotherapist and receive EAGT certification. We are currently opening enrollment for groups of 1-3 students in School Stage II at the Lodz Gestalt School.

Gestalt School students who:

  • have no psychological or pedagogical training
  • have long graduated from psychology studies, and want to refresh or deepen their knowledge in this field
  • Have graduated from pedagogical studies, and are less familiar with the knowledge of the field

The psychology course will take place in an online format and will be taught by Slawomir Prusakowski, M.A., and Tomasz Waleczko, M.A. – psychologists, Level II trainers of the Polish Psychological Association, employees of SWPS University who are qualified to teach academics.

Supplementary classes in psychology – how to apply?

Applications are accepted:

You are cordially invited to sign up!

Full description of the classes, dates, applications and other organizational information can be found HERE.are available HERE.