Veronika Zhemchuzhnikova speaker at the International Gestalt Conference for Psychologists and Psychotherapists | On-line March 16, 2024.

We are pleased to introduce you a speech from a prominent gestalt practitioner Veronika Zhemchuzhnikova (Kazakstan) with a topic “The crisis of national and ethnic identity in the contemporary world. Being ethnic Russian born and living in Kazakhstan”.

Nowadays in the times of Russian-Ukrainian war impacted the field all over the region the people are split on many different issues, and professional community is split into many different parts. Some professionals stop contacting the others, some stop speaking the language used by an aggressor. But the Russian language cannot be the property of just one state, when within centuries it has been created and developing by many peoples coming out from several different cultures and having different belongings.

Veronika Zhemchuzhnikova suggests to explore awareness of our cultural, national and ethnical identities and the role they have for contact and relationships both in personal and professional lives:

“I was born and raised in multicultural country, having beautiful experience to be part of this. The new situation in the world is changing it. I feel the need to clarify this part of my personality for myself. Let’s talk who we are in the new world and how to be together.”

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