Rafael Cortina (USA) speaker at the Gestalt Conference online "Re-Starting, Re-Thinking, Re-Connecting" - 23 MARCH 2024.

Rafael Cortina (USA) speaker on Gestalt Conference for Psychology and Psychotherapy Practitioners | On-line 23th march 2024

We are happy to introduce you our world-known speaker and international trainer present in many countries around the world – Rafael Cortina (USA). He has conducted workshops, training courses, lectures, international conferences and supervisions, virtually and in person in Mexico, the United States, Australia, Canada, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Rafael offers to explore the issues of healing effect in psychotherapeutic relationship.

Understanding the healing in the therapeutic relationship reflects a profound awareness of the therapist’s role. Creating a safe space is indeed a cornerstone of effective therapy. The essence of healing in the therapeutic relationship involves creating a secure and supportive space, fostering compassion and understanding, facilitating awareness, and validating emotions. Healing happens in humans to human experiences, in the basic space of connectedness with another that I can find ourselves.

You are invited to explore yourself in psychotherapeutic relationships from the healing effect paradigm with facilitation of Rafael Cortina enriched with multicultural experiences and multidisciplinary expertise. Use this chance to join the space of learning by exploring and looking at yourself as a practitioner from new perspectives.

Enrich your professional views and widen the horizons with something bringing more clarity for the therapy process and your professional role.

Rafael is a very special friend of Lodzka Szkola Gestalt and ready to contribute emotionally, spiritually, professionally into our space inspired by the need to get re-connected to life!

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