Development Year at the School of Psychotherapy – develop your skills and get practical tools for therapeutic work!

With full happiness and pride, we would like to respond to the demand that is emerging from the field and we are opening two more editions of the Development Year at the School of Gestalt Psychotherapy in Lodz. As announced, future editions will be announced periodically, giving you the opportunity to choose the schedule that best suits your current needs.

Edition 5 starts on 25.04.2024, while edition 6 starts on 23.05.2024

Below are the full class schedules to make it even easier for you to choose the right Edition for you.

Development Year at the School of Psychotherapy – what is it about?

The Developmental Year, also known as Year 0, is a special period in the School of Psychotherapy to introduce participants to the world of Gestalt psychotherapy. During this time, participants have the opportunity to learn basic therapeutic concepts and techniques, as well as gain practical skills that they will use in their work with clients.

During the Development Year, participants will learn about Gestalt theory, including its main tenets and concepts, such as “here and now,” “contact,” “awareness,” “contact with one’s own emotions,” etc. They will also have the opportunity to understand how these concepts are applied in therapeutic practice, as well as the differences between Gestalt therapy and other therapeutic orientations.

During the Development Year, participants will have the opportunity to work with other participants, as well as with experienced therapists who will guide and support them in acquiring new skills. They will also have the opportunity to take advantage of a discount in additional workshops, seminars and lectures held at LSCG, which will allow them to deepen their knowledge of Gestalt psychotherapy.

At the end of the Development Year, students decide whether they undertake to continue their studies at the School of Psychotherapy, participating in subsequent semesters and gaining more skills and experience, or whether they prefer to drop out.

For more information regarding the Development Year and School Stage II at the Lodz School of Gestalt Psychotherapy, please visit the“Gestalt School Recruitment” tab.

We would like to remind you that applications are accepted via the form.