Jean-Marie Robine At Gestalt Conference “Re-Starting, Re-Thinking, Re-Connecting” – March 23, 2024 - Lodz Gestalt School of Psychotherapy

Jean-Marie Robine (France) speaker on Gestalt Conference for Psychology and Psychotherapy Practitioners | On-line 23th march 2024

There is no need for introduction this remarkable figure in gestalt world – gestalt scientist, philosopher, lecturer, trainer, supervisor… a very much tuned to life person Jean-Marie Robine. 

Jean-Marie Robine (France) will explore the issues of creative adjustment in crisis from many different aspects, searching the grounds for the here-and-now in the statement by Perls and Goodman: we are not IN the world but we are OF the world!

A part of it, a creation of it…

Jean-Marie raises such questions as: But now, how can I adjust? Just undergo?

Why our founders considered that “Creative adjustment” could be both the goal of psychotherapy AND the means of achieving?

Some thoughts and dialogues between us?

These are fundamental issues for contemporary survival in professional practice as well as in private life. Jean-Marie starts his explorations with awareness: since the world is in a huge crisis, each of us is also in a huge crisis. He brings his personal perspective into this exploration: I am in crisis too!

Join us at the Conference and you will definitely get a lot from this shared journey!