Inclusive language - ŁSG not only focuses on training students to become Gestalt psychotherapists, but also on developing the entire team.

Inclusive language and us training to use it

“Since we speak not to ourselves but to others, we owe words to use, not those which please us, but which the hearers welcome.”

(Stanislaw Kleczewski, 1714-1776, writer)

The Lodz Gestalt School aims not only to train students to become psychotherapists in the Gestalt movement, but also to develop and improve the competence of the entire team. We have completed our first important training – inclusive language and how to use it. We established cooperation with Michal Kupis, a psychologist, who provided us with training in this area.

What is inclusive language?

This is nothing more than inclusive language that does not discriminate against people based on age, gender, identity, race, orientation, ancestry, disease, disability, culture, religion, etc. As the Lodz Gestalt School, we create a community for which respect for others is a core value. We approach people who are minority groups of various kinds with great sensitivity. We realize that being in the minority causes one to be immersed in stress and have a harder time at the start. During the first meeting with Michael we mainly focused on gender issues and LGBTQ+ people. We worked/worked to sensitize ourselves to pay attention to how we speak, to use the power of language in a responsible and inviting way.

It was a very valuable time. We would like to know the next iterations of the training.