Ludmila Batalina (Kyiv) MeD and doctor of clinical psychology. Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist. Trainer, supervisor.

Ludmila Batalina - Łódzka Szkoła Gestalt obrazek wyróżniający

Ludmila Batalina (Kiev) MeD and PhD in Clinical Psychology.   

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist. Trainer, psychologist-methodologist, supervisor at educational center “Space of tolerance”. Supervisor for Tbilisi Shelter City. Trainer for supervisors’ groups at the School of Humanistic Children Psychology and Psychotherapy «Humanity» affiliated by Kiev Gestalt University. Ludmila Batalina is an author and Trainor of specialized training program ”Humanistic approach in work with children and families”.

Training in the field of gestalt and trauma: certified gestalt practitioner of Paris Gestalt School, completed long term training program in supervision by Jean-Marie Robine (certification by Norwegian Gestalt Institute), advanced training program in psychotherapist for children in work with trauma ÖKids Consonance Therapy Institute by Wiena Gestalt Institute.