Marten Bos: How do we tell the stories of our lives? Therapeutic construction of narratives – therapeutic work in the Gestalt approach

We encourage you to learn about an innovative therapeutic method in the Gestalt current, which is based on the construction of life stories with the help of the so-called “Gestalt”. “Diversity Cards,” created by Marten Bos. This unique method was inspired by intersectionality theory and seeks to use the client’s life story in an equitable and inclusive way.

Marten Bos, inspired by intersectionality theory, pointed out the variety of ways in which life stories are shared and their different impacts. He developed a method of discovering each person’s uniqueness through life storytelling and using diversity cards as a tool to support the process of self-discovery.

“Diversity Cards” is a set of metaphor cards that help clients explore during therapy, supervision or study. Marten Bos shares the theory and teaches how to use them effectively in practice.

These methods are particularly effective in working on relationships, life crises, developmental transitions, trauma and adaptation to new environments.

The workshop is based on field theory.

Marten Bos: How do we tell the stories of our lives? – The workshop series takes place on:

  • 28.04-30.04: Intersectionality theory in the Gestalt approach
  • 16.09-18.09: Working with life narrative creation as a therapeutic tool
  • 10.11-12.11: Using the Diversity Cards in therapeutic practice

Marten Bos conducts training around the world at Gestalt institutes in the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Finland and Poland.

Note: Marten Bos: How do we tell the stories of our lives? is a closed group. By filling out the form, you declare your attendance at the full workshop series and pay the fee for each meeting (regardless of attendance), which is divided into installments of 900 PLN each. ❗

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