Lena Grigoryeva member of the EAGT Committee on Human Rights and Social Responsibility - Lodz School of Gestalt Psychotherapy

Lena Grigoryeva członkinią komitetu EAGT

Dear colleagues!

We are happy to share the news that Lodzka Szkola Gestalt is represented now inside of EAGT via our trainer and the office member Lena Grigorieva. The EAGT Board accepted Lena as a member of the Human Rights and Social Responsibility Committee at the Board session November 30 2023. 

The Committee was founded in 2004 in resonance to the Twin Tower attack in 2001 and it aims at:

  • Exploring the interface between Gestalt Therapy and the social-political context with reference to the advancement of human rights
  • Supporting the restoration of human dignity and rights at places where these have been violated or threatened
  • Encouraging Gestalt therapists to be socially active beyond the therapy room and Gestalt Training Institutes promoting awareness about the socio-political dimension of our work in training of Gestalt therapists

Lena”s active participation in the Community work will bridge our school even closer to EAGT family worldwide and backwards  – it will bring energy from gestalt family worldwide into our school in Łódź. 

We do realise how important it is today not to ignore the processes going on worldwide outside of the therapy room.