Gestalt workshop: Therapeutic work with the theme of aggression - Peter Philippson (Russian translation). Date: 15 - 16.10.24

Gestalt workshop: Therapeutic work with the theme of aggression

  • Topic: Therapeutic work with the theme of aggression
  • Leader: Peter Philippson
  • Organizer: Łódzka Szkoła Gestalt
  • Deadline: 15 October 2024 10:00 – 16 October 2024 19:00
  • Workshop days: Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Number of hours: 20 training hours
  • Place: Headquarters of the Lodz Gestalt School, 125 Piotrkowska Street, Lodz
  • Price: 1000 zł
  • Payment: Paypal or Bank transfer
  • Language: English
  • Translation: Russian
  • Free choice: Yes
  • For whom: For psychotherapists and therapists in Gestalt training

Therapeutic work with the theme of aggression – Peter Philippson (russian translation)

Nowadays, with wars all over the region, we are witnessing huge levels of aggression among people. The images from Ukraine, Palestine, Israel look very similar. What is going on? Why is one human being suddenly so aggressive towards another? Human beings are the most fearsome species that has ever existed in this world. But at the same time, it is this species that has managed to create much beauty, often brilliant works of art, and show such a profound expression of creativity. So, on the one hand we are so skilful at destroying, but on the other hand we are also skilful at healing each other.

The active and passive parts are worth exploring in order to move forward with our awareness of the phenomenon occurring in our field here and now.

In this workshop we intend to explore aggression, both active and passive, creative and destructive. We intend to mix formats: from theory to experiments and many explorations. Our co-created space will certainly be full of aggression, but truly enriching! We invite you to our boat to Lodz!

Gestalt workshop: therapeutic work with the theme of aggression will be conducted in English and translated into Russian.

More information regarding the event and a registration form to sign up, available at the event’s page.