Katarzyna Maternowska - Lodz Gestalt School - trainers | small photo

I am a certified Gestalt therapist (EAGT) and an apprentice supervisor. I travel with people through their inner worlds 🙂 I chose the profession of psychotherapist, being already a mature person. Previously, I met people and their sensitivity on artistic grounds (I graduated from the acting department of PWSFiTv in Lodz and the theater directing department in Wroclaw). I also work as a group trainer conducting development and art workshops. I am passionate about working with the body, breath, voice and imagination. Voice work took me to my first Gestalt training… and I felt right at home 🙂

I believe that every person is unique and deserves to be discovered, respected and supported, and that Gestalt emphasizes the originality of each person, their PHENOMEN.

During the therapeutic process, I observe how clients experience change by consciously recognizing their emotions, thoughts, actions, and integrating them. Gradually eliminating what does not serve them, and finding what makes them feel fulfilled, free , valuable people.

Privately I like people, pets, books, activity in nature, especially around lakes and forests 🙂

I am a mother of two sons, and there is always some ear creature running around my house – currently a dog 🙂

I work with individual clients, couples, teenagers from the age of 15. I also have experience working with neurodiverse clients (ASD and ADHD).

My experience:

I have worked for more than 20 years in the artistic profession in theater and film. There I shared my emotions.

As of 2014. I sit in the psychotherapist’s chair and help others understand and experience emotions 🙂

Completed training:

  • 2012-2016 Gestalt Therapy Institute in Krakow, Poland.
  • 2015 Introduction to ACT therapy – acceptance and commitment therapy.
  • 2016 Phenomenon of the Meeting – a workshop in the Gestalt current.
  • 2016 Realizing the impact of the family – workshop.
  • 2018 Couples therapy in a humanistic-existential approach – training
  • 2020 Flesh and blood therapist – fluidity and grounding in therapy.
  • 2021 Power Strokes – Workshop.
  • 2022 – School of Gestalt Supervisors