It was an extraordinary meeting!

Held on Sunday 27.08.2023 Gestalt 2023 Conference , we met at the Lodz Gestalt School with Gestalt psychotherapist(s) and student(s) from Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Russia. We talked about the challenges and opportunities of being a Gestalt therapist(s)/expatriate(s) in Poland. Gestaltists from all over Poland came. Some have been in our country 20 years, and some two, but there are also those who arrived a month ago. Everyone has had a difficult history, most have lost the opportunity to be at home, work and develop at home due to war and political repression.

At first we tried to translate our statements into Polish, Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian, but after two hours it became clear that everyone was speaking their own language and the language of emotions, bodies, tears and Gestalt was sufficient for understanding.

We sat All Together in a circle: Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles, Russians listening to each other’s stories and sharing what was difficult, sharing pain, fear and giving each other support. It didn’t matter who came from where, just that we are all human and we all need a home, security, freedom.

It was a great honor for us, the Lodz Gestalt Team, to give space for so much Love to flow.

The Gestalt 2023 conference seems to us a success, may we have more such experiences in the future. We heard about many Gestalt needs. We are happy to start implementing them soon!