Join us for a workshop on psychopharmacotherapy at the Lodz Gestalt School. The classes are designed for therapists and psychologists.

Mechanism of action and role of biological treatment during psychotherapy. Psychotherapy - causal treatment. Biological treatment - purely symptomatic ("symptomolytic"), supportive.
7 October 2023 09:00 - 7 October 2023 15:00
Headquarters of the Lodz Gestalt School, ul. 125 Piotrkowska St., Lodz
Workshop days:
500 zł
For whom:
For gestalt students and anyone interested in psychology
Number of hours:
6 training hours
Event description:

Psychopharmacotherapy workshop with Agnieszka Brzezinska – Lodz Gestalt School invites you to the event!

Workshop on psychopharmacotherapy – issues:


  1. Historical outline, or where prejudice and aversion to drugs come from.
  2. Basic principles of effective pharmacotherapy, that is, how do we actually know which drug to use and at what dose?
  3. Division of drugs into: antipsychotic (neuroleptic) drugs, antidepressants, mood-stabilizing drugs, anti-anxiety and sleep medications, procognitive drugs, drugs to support addiction therapies.
  4. Potential side effects, i.e., what can go wrong and a potential profit and loss statement.
  5. The addictive potential of psychotropic drugs and the rules for their withdrawal, i.e. whether you have to take them for life.
  6. Pharmacotherapy versus psychotherapy and their common areas of action.
  7. Psychotherapy as biological treatment, or how psychotherapy affects the brain and whether it can be measured.
  8. Other biological treatments besides pharmacotherapy, or about electroconvulsive therapy.

Kilka słów o Agnieszce Brzezińskiej:

A medical specialist in adult psychiatry. She completed her residency at the Medical University of Lodz, where she worked in the Department of Affective Disorders and Adolescent Psychiatry, as well as the Department of Psychotic Disorders and Psychogeriatrics. In addition, she also gained her experience working on a 24-hour on-call basis in the Female and Male Psychiatry Departments and the Abstinence Disorders and Addiction Treatment Departments in Zgierz. Her experience integrating treatment with pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy came from the Day Treatment Unit for Psychotic Disorders at the University Hospital in Krakow and the Day Treatment Unit for Neurosis and Personality Disorders in Lodz. In addition, he teaches students, including English-speaking students, and conducts research, among other things. on remission factors of first-time psychotic episodes in the Department of Psychotic Disorders and Psychogeriatrics. He specializes in treating mood disorders, neurotic disorders, anxiety disorders, sleep disorders and personality disorders, psychotic disorders (especially schizophrenia). He always attaches great importance to the psychoeducation of the patient and family members, and is happy to take the time to clarify all doubts. In the office, he focuses on a friendly and direct approach and provides a safe atmosphere for all patients, including LBGT+. He places great emphasis on combining precisely selected pharmacotherapy with psychotherapy. He constantly strives to improve his qualifications by attending conferences, training courses and psychiatric and psychotherapeutic courses. She is currently in teacher training for MBCT – mindfulness-based cognitive therapy – and in the midst of training for the Trauma Research Foundation’s Certificate in Traumatic Stress. She completed the DBT Comprehensive course – she conducts DBT trainings and works on the DBT consulting team. She is fascinated by the way mental disorders are depicted in literature, cinematography and popular culture, and as a result has participated in the design of computer games as a content consultant.


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