After the workshop with Rafael Cortina Lodz Gestalt School

After the workshop with Rafael Cortina – It was a very nourishing three days….

First discovery:

What is our antagonist (i.e., our reflex, quick reaction, to difficult experiences, such as withdrawal, freezing, cutting off, etc.), what we used to ignore with all our might or fight with all our might, is also our friend, our bodyguard, and does the hard work for us. When there is gratitude to the parts of us that we avoid and dislike on a daily basis, there is relief, warmth and room to work with the trauma. It was beautiful to experience it.

Another discovery:

Addictions are associated at first with substance abuse. Meanwhile, substance abuse is a creative adaptation to a traumatic experience(s). So is any other activity that takes the pain away for a while by cutting off tension. Unfortunately, it also cuts off contact with oneself (with the body and feelings) and with the environment… This interruption of contact gives anesthesia. What are the implications of this? That the opposite of addiction is not sobriety or abstinence, but Connection and Bonding. This change in perspective changes everything.

After the workshop with Rafael Cortina, all that we experienced is still working in us. It’s great to learn in an atmosphere of respect, gentleness, freedom, unhurriedness.

The next meeting with Rafael Cortina is coming soon in Madrid for a conference, but we have a great desire to continue our cooperation in Lodz 😊