Therapeutic Training 2nd Edition - Exploring Experiences through Bodily Experiences with Kamila White. Answers to questions await.

🌟 Therapeutic Training – Edition 2: A Few Words from Kamila White 🌟

Dear Friends,

It is my great pleasure to invite you to the next unique edition of Therapeutic Training in the Gestalt Current! This extraordinary experience opens up a space for a deeper understanding of our relationships with ourselves and others, as well as an exploration of bodily experiences as essential elements of the therapeutic process.

I believe in the potential of group work, so during this training I focus on the dynamics of group life and the importance of interpersonal relationships. Each person in the group has a unique role to play and brings experiences that are not only valuable to him or herself, but also to the group as a whole.

I am deeply interested in exploring the experiences that form the socio-cultural background of our therapeutic work. I am committed to exploring fluidity, fragmentation, alienation and belonging so that we can better understand the process of meaning-making through bodily experience. Together, we will support each other in finding answers to our own questions and challenges.

Although we take a field theory perspective, my role as a presenter is different from the roles of the individual participants. My goal is to create a space where everyone can feel supported and understood, and learn new skills and knowledge.

Therapeutic Training – Edition 2 Who is it for?

Therapeutic Training – Edition 2 is aimed at psychotherapist(s) and therapist(s) in Gestalt training, being an essential part of certification in the Gestalt current. It is an intense yet inspiring experience that will allow us to better understand ourselves and others and deepen our therapeutic practice.

You are cordially invited to participate in the training, which will be held on:
🗓️ Wednesday – Sunday
⏰ 9:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. (Wed – Fri), 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. (Sun)
📍 Address: 125 Piotrkowska St., Lodz, 3rd floor

Don’t miss this unique opportunity for personal and professional growth! Sign up now and join our inspiring community at the Lodz Gestalt School!

More details and an application form are available on the event website.

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