The open day at the Lodz Gestalt School is behind us!

Open day at the Lodz Gestalt School

“People are as extraordinary as sunsets, if you let them be that way. When I look west, I don’t catch myself talking: Lighten the orange in the right corner a bit. I am not trying to control the West. I watch it in awe of how it spreads.” – Carl Rogers

“I am close to the idea that we create our personality and develop in relationship. Our essence is belonging and bonding. A healthy relationship heals.” – Francois J. Paul – Cavallier

It was a great day! A day that brought many interesting conversations, exchange of insights and was extremely developing for us as well. A day when we realized that what we do has a deeper meaning, and that the values we follow are close to more than just us. An extremely valuable meeting!

It was wonderful to meet, get to know each other and just hang out with each other. We know how important the relationship with another person is in Gestalt psychotherapy. Through dialogue and interaction with the other person, we can better understand ourselves, discover our needs and emotions, and build a bond based on mutual respect and trust. This resonated greatly at our meeting.

Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you and share your experiences and inspirations. It’s beautiful that we can experience this together. Mutual support on the path of development is extremely important to us.

The open day at the Lodz Gestalt School was a unique experience. We enjoyed the meeting immensely and thank you for coming! 😊 It was truly a beautiful time! 😊