The Regulations of the Lodz Gestalt School is the foundation of the university, which defines the principles under which learning and work at the institution takes place. In the case of gestalt psychotherapy, this aspect takes on particular importance, since gestalt is a therapeutic approach that places great emphasis on relationships and interactions between people.

The regulations of our school are important primarily because of:

  1. Safety of participants
  2. Quality of education
  3. Ethics and professionalism
  4. Equality and inclusion
  5. Transparency and accountability

It is worthwhile to know and understand the rules and regulations of the Lodz Gestalt School, because they are the basis of our operation and are a key element in creating the right conditions for learning, personal and professional development. I encourage all interested parties to read it carefully, as it is the first step on the way to better understanding and practicing gestalt psychotherapy.

Terms and Conditions are available in the tabs: Gestalt School and Contact Us, as well as when you click HERE.