Recruitment for the Lodz School of Gestalt Psychotherapy - Edition 2. Stage I - Development Year GROUP II - start: 26.10 - 29.10.2023. We invite you to sign up

Recruitment for Lodz Gestalt School – Edition 2 is an opportunity for those of you who want to start Stage I – Development Year still in 2023.

Although Edition 1 – (September Group I) – is now closed, there is still a chance to sign up. As announced, due to interest, we are opening recruitment for Edition 2 – Group II.

Recruitment for the Lodz Gestalt School – Edition 2 – start:

Group II – Stage I Development Year – START: 26.10.2023.

The first session (26.10 – 29.10.2023) is planned as a four-day interpersonal training with elements of integration and psychoeducation.

Recruitment will continue throughout the year, and new editions will appear periodically. Information on further calls will be supplemented on our website under the news tab as soon as previous groups are assembled. And if, you need to know more about the next editions, feel free to contact us:

For more information, please visit the “calls” tabs.