Graham Colbourne at Gestalt conference 'Re-Starting, Re-Thinking, Re-Connecting' - 16 March 2024 is a chance to meet an exceptional gestaltist

Graham Colbourne at Gestalt conference: ‘Re-Starting, Re-Thinking, Re-Connecting’ conference is a great opportunity for all psychotherapists, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychologists and anyone interested in Gestalt.

Graham Colbourne at Gestalt conference:

Therapy and contacting is a non-stop migration from one state to the other. Graham Colbourne is one of the most passionate gestalt practitioner about supporting the growth and healing that comes from therapeutic relationship. Within 45 minutes of journey we will get opportunity to surf into explorations about ourselves, about the other, about us together with each other. He demonstrates you an exiting, creative, lively and sensitive way to highlight what is most important and significant in your life, your experience of being in the world and your choices.

A human being is the one who always have possibility to choose. How are we making these choices? How are we moving from one object to the other, from one point in our life to the next one… These and many other vital questions are to be explored together with the master of personal development – Graham Colbourne (Great Britain), experienced psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!