Christmas wishes from the Łódź Gestalt School Team - May the magic set in our hearts, kindling the flame of love and understanding.

Christmas wishes from the Łódź Gestalt School Team

Dear Gestalt Friends,

In the magical atmosphere of the Christmas moment, we would like to wrap you with heartfelt wishes, intertwined with the deep values that are important to us. May this Christmas be like the story of Responsibility, where each deciding heart is like a page of an open book, ready to write a new chapter of its story. On this Christmas Night, may the Individuality of each of us shine like a star in the sky, creating a unique landscape of our journey together. Balance, like dancing on the wings of angels, may we be lifted above earthly concerns, giving us the chance to immerse ourselves in the harmony of the moment. The Affirmation of Diversity, may it blossom like a magical garden, where every colour, every tone, creates a melody of unity that connects our hearts. In Dialogue, may our words become like twinkling lights, illuminating the path to deeper understanding, and may the gaze of the Other speak more than a thousand words. Equanimity and Respect, like a fine lipstick on the cheeks, may we highlight the beauty of our relationships, instead of blurring the contours of power and violence. Carnality and Liveliness, let them pulsate like a heartbeat, reminding us of our human essence and the beauty of immersing ourselves in moments of sensual existence. Let openness be like unwrapping presents – with curiosity and joy, discovering the treasures hidden in ourselves and others.

Merry Christmas, dear ones! May the magic of the festive season ring in your hearts, kindling the flame of love, understanding and true Gestalt togetherness.

From the heart,

The team of the Lodz School of Gestalt Psychotherapy