Piotr Krasuski – education:

Piotr Krasuski is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist by training. He holds first and second degree medical and specialist diplomas from the Silesian Medical Academy in Katowice. He completed a two-year course in psychodynamic therapy at the CMUJ Psychotherapy Clinic in Krakow (J.Aleksandrowicz) and a four-year course in systemic therapy at the Family Therapy Department of the CMUJ Psychiatry Clinic in Krakow (B.de Barbaro). He has many years of experience working in hospital and clinic wards and mental health clinics in Poland and Norway. In Poland, he ran the Open Ward of the Clinic of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at ŚUM in Katowice-Ochojec. In addition, he also provided consultations to residents of Nursing Homes for the chronically mentally ill and Community Self-Help Homes for Persons with Mental Disorders. In turn, during the period (2012-2020) he worked, among others: at the Veslelien Drug and ADHD Rehabilitation Center (Brumunddal, Norway).

As a psychiatrist, he helps adults suffering from all kinds of mental suffering, offering reliable diagnosis and appropriately selected pharmacological treatment based on cooperation with doctors of other specialties and psychologists and/or therapists, if necessary. It also helps adults with persistent ADHD in Poland or Norway.