School Enrollment – Stage I – Developmental Stage: Enrollment in the Lodz Gestalt School continues throughout the year. The School plans class schedules well in advance, so anyone who applies to the School and passes the recruitment process can count on a place in a particular group. If there are far more applications than places, the School will continue to accept registrations for the reserve list and will inform all applicants about the next edition.

Edition 1 – START – SEPTEMBER 2023 – Development Stage.

You are cordially invited to join Stage 1 of the 1st Edition of the Lodz Gestalt School. We are launching as early as 14.09.2023. The convention will begin with a four-day interpersonal training with elements of psychoeducation and integration. The Lodz Gestalt School will apply for EAGT accreditation, which means that all paperwork and class programs are prepared in accordance with the Association’s requirements. The institute must conduct one 4-year training cycle to enter the accreditation process.


  • We accept applications via the form available on our website – fill out the form
  • It is possible to apply by email or phone, but filling out the form is necessary to fully accept the application and prepare the contract – if someone has difficulty filling out the form or does not have access to the Internet, the office will be happy to help complete the documents.


Stage I – Development Stage – the total of PLN 15,200 (can be paid at one time, but this does not entail an additional training discount).

They include:

  • Registration fee in the amount of: 4200 (paid to the School’s account within 7 days of receiving the contract).
  • 10 installments of: 1100 (paid regularly by the 10th of each month, i.e., according to the payment schedule attached to the contract).